Thermal wood production technology involves wood processing in a special steam chamber where oxygen is completely absent. The process takes place at a temperature of 200-240 °C. At the same time, no auxiliary chemical reagents are used: the process is completely environmentally friendly.

As a result, after such treatment, the tree loses moisture and becomes resistant to many atmospheric factors and biological organisms. Immunity to moisture and decay is achieved due to the complete decomposition of polysaccharides, that are the feed for living organisms. Thus, the absence of polysaccharides guarantees the absence of fungus, mold and insect parasites. There is also a molecular change in the structure of the wood and its stabilization, which makes the wood very strong and protects it from swelling and twisting.

Thermal wood is an extremely good material! The appearance of such wood involuntarily attracts the eye, because the color of the wood is completely the same along the entire length of the element: a nice looking dark brown shade. Thermal wood does not need to be treated with stain or primer, which also saves your money and time.

Mostly, we use the following types of wood for thermal modification: ash, larch, spruce, alder, oak. Our thermal wood is always of high quality, with a pleasant monochromatic color; varnishing or coating with special oil – by agreement.