Block House is a type of sheathing board with a front surface “under a rounded log”, which has a fastening inherent in clapboards – a spike and a groove. Block House is used as a finishing material inside and outside the premises. This material is technological, durable, ecological, has a good aesthetic appearance and is easy to assemble. When you use a blockhouse, the construction acquires a visible integrity, as if it’s assembled from logs – nowadays it’s a fashionable trend in construction.

We produce and sell Block Houses made of the following types of wood: pine, larch, and ash. Block House made of coniferous wood is more popular due to its versatility and relatively lower price. Protective means for the finishing of material are usually chosen depending on the purpose of its using (for external or internal decoration).

Our Block House is always of proper quality, has a moisture content of 10-12%. The price of the material depends on the tree species, variety and length.