Before purchasing lumber, you should understand its purpose and, therefore, the geometry of the product and the type of wood. It is well known, that trees are divided into coniferous and deciduous varieties. Coniferous tree species (pine, larch, spruce) are usually used for construction, although they differ somewhat in their structure and functionality. You should pay your attention to deciduous lumber (oak, ash, beech, alder, linden) if you are focused on decoration and interior work.

We have the following types of materials available: timber, rafter, unedged board, edged board, bar, hump. Depending on the client’s needs, we sell both freshly sawn and dry lumber. Lumber drying is carried out in special chambers, where the modern automation monitors the flow of the process, bringing the workpiece to the regulated humidity.

Our lumber is always of high quality, with a dry moisture content of 10-12%. You can check the assortment of lumber, the variety and prices of specific items directly at the company’s warehouse.