Plinth is a bar that covers the gap between the wall and the floor. There are two main types of wooden plinths: massive and veneered (the last one is cheaper). Our company sells only massive natural plinths. We use the following valuable species of wood for the production of plinths: oak, beech, larch, alder, cherry or conifers. Plinths made of solid wood perfectly complement the floor made of parquet or solid parquet board, harmonizing with it. Among the advantages of such plinths there are environmental friendliness, naturalness, gorgeous appearance, high strength.

The cheapest plinth is made of pine and the most expensive is oak plinth. The best option is larch plinth. This wood has excellent operational characteristics (almost the same as oak). However, the cost of larch plinth is not much higher than that of pine one. Oak plinth is considered to be an elite option. Beech has the same characteristics as oak but differs from it in color. The beech plinth has a pink texture, which is commonly chosen for a specific interior.

After you install the wooden plinths, they must be coated with varnish, which will provide additional protection against moisture, temperature changes and other factors. It’s known that wood changes its color after varnishing. So, before varnishing, it is necessary to wet a piece of plinth with water and wait for some time to have an understanding of its color under colorless varnish.

Our plinth is always of high quality, with a moisture content of 10-12%. The price of the material depends on the tree species and variety.