Parquet is a natural, durable and ecological material, made of hardwood and intended for floor covering. In other words, it’s the slats made of solid wood with a thickness of 15-22 mm, a width of 50-70 mm and a length of 250-500 mm. By the way, they are made using new technologies. Modern parquet production makes it possible to produce parquet of ideal dimensions, which significantly improves the appearance of the parquet floor, giving the opportunity to create various patterns and simplifying the work of craftsmen, namely its installation. Traditional parquet is characterized by a good wood structure and is reliable in operation, thus shaping your floor for years.

We sell oak and ash parquet. Oak is one of the most popular and valuable hardwood species. Oak owes its popularity to its properties. Oak wood is strong, hard, resistant to abrasion, has a beautiful texture and is very stable. The appearance of oak parquet impresses with its compactness. It always fits harmoniously into any interior. Most people, who decide to install parquet, prefer oak one.

Ash is a strong, hard tree that produces high-quality wood that is used in a variety of products. It belongs to light wood species, the wood structure of which is pronounced. The texture of ash is very attractive, the wood is wear-resistant and durable. In the terms of hardness, ash is similar to oak. However, at the same time it is elastic, so it is often used in sports facilities. Without any doubts, the ash floor adds a unique flavor to your interior.

Our parquet is always of high quality, with a moisture content of 10-12%. The price of the material depends on the type of wood, the geometry of the studs and variety.