The massive floor is formed from a dry board with special selections on the edges (tongue and groove) for its dense laying. This is always relevant material with a lot of advantages. Such a floor is self-sufficient and does not require carpeting. Our floors are made exclusively from natural materials and have a vivid contrasting pattern of wood texture.

The technology of laying the floor board (in addition to its heat-insulating properties as a wooden material) makes it possible to additionally insulate the floor and make noise insulation if it is necessary. The board can be laid immediately on the floor joists or on the primary screed, which can significantly reduce costs and speed up construction or repair. Due to cycling and sanding, the expiry date of the floor board is practically unlimited, its appearance does not deteriorate over the years.

We produce and sell floor boards made of the following types of wood: pine, larch, spruce, oak, ash. Moreover, oak or larch floors can be used in conditions of high humidity. Such a massive board is practically universal and can be used with minimal costs for finishing with protective means.

Our floor boards are always of good quality, with a moisture content of 10-12%. The price of the material depends on the tree species, variety and length. What is the price of the opportunity to walk barefoot on a naturally warm wooden floor? It is difficult to overestimate!